The Wreck of the Northwind

Wreck of the Northwind

Wreck of the Northwind

While not from an Oscar winning or well-known movie for that matter, sitting in 43 ft of water off the west end of St Croix lies the Northwind, a 75 ft oceangoing tug, intentionally sank in 1985 for the critically ignored, and apparently rarely watched, made for TV movie, “Dreams of Gold, the Mel Fisher story”.

The shallow depth makes the Northwind an excellent wreck dive for newly certified Divers and photographers alike. Divers are routinely greeted by Barracuda, Snapper, Butterfly fish, and Angelfish. The Northwind is also home to several species of Wrasses, Bassets, and Gobies. A rather large Moray Eel as well as Green and Hawksbill Turtles are also commonly spotted in and around the wreck.

The Northwind, as well as the other three wrecks that comprise the shallow wrecks dive site, are accessible from our west end dive boat Scuba Dos.

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