Pineapple Anyone?

We just received our first “Terrible” rating on Trip Advisor. Out of almost 200 Trip Advisor Reviews only two were “Poor” and both of those were from people who didn’t even dive with us.  174 were “Excellent“!  Our “Terrible” reviewer said:  “The top of a pineapple was cut off and you had to reach in and pull out the pineapple. No plates, forks, or anything other than that one pineapple. Too funny.”

Well, it is kinda funny. Here’s what the fresh pineapple that we serve up between dives looks like.Pineapple served between dives.

In 15 years (our 15 year anniversary is July 15th by the way) it’s never been suggested that we use knives and forks for the pineapple.


We prefer to be a bit more eco friendly and not add a bunch of plastic knives and forks to the landfill mix.  We do, however, use plastic cups to serve up bottled water and don’t plan on switching that to crystal anytime soon.  If you’re diving with us and would prefer to have utensils for your fresh fruit just let us know.  You can even keep the fork as a souvenir (TSA would probably take the knife from you).

For a complete look at all of our reviews (including the 92% “Excellent”) be sure to check us out on TripAdvisor.

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