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Captains log, Reliance. 

So I typically comment about how amazing the conditions are on north shore... 
But today, WOW! 
We were diving on lake Caribbean. I mean flat calm seas, we're talking flatter than a mill pond. Viz through the roof! I mean divers thought they could see St Thomas underwater! 
Divers checked out an incredible myriad of marine life at salt river, and long reef. The highlights were the nurse sharks (sting rays with dorsal fins) and the always present Caribbean Reef Sharks (eatious continuous). Turtles, Rock beauties, Queen Trigger fish, banded coral shrimp and spotted drum also were present.

Captain's Log 073017 By Captain John Gillette

While it's been "Hot as Hades" topside this week it's been cool under da sea! While turtles and sharks are always a fan favorite, Cory and Kristen have been busy "going Macro" finding all the little things a lot of new divers typically miss. Lettuce […]


Reliance headed out for a night dive at Sugar Beach under a new moon hoping to see the bioluminescence show. The divers were NOT disappointed! Once underwater, kneeling in the sand in complete darkness, the show began. Kristen described it as hundreds of White and […]

Captain's Log 072617 By Captain John Gillette

I managed to sneak out to the Fredricksted pier last night for a night dive with Kristen and two guests. While I used to guide them a lot, Captains duties seem to get in the way too often now. It felt really good to get […]

Captain's Log 072417 By Captain John Gillette

It's been an interesting couple of days to say the least.  Sporty conditions, broken Moorings and excited divers. While the ride to and from the Dive sites has been, well, bumpy, once under the waves there's been lots of turtle and shark sightings, as well as […]

Captain's Log 071717 By Captain John Gillette

A couple of great days of diving on Northshore.  Long Reef has had some very interesting marine life the last couple of days.  Southern stingrays, huge schools of Atlantic Spadefish vacationing in the Caribbean, cute little pipefish, Eagle Rays, octopus, squadrons of Squid, rainbow parrotfish, […]