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Captains log, Reliance. 

So I typically comment about how amazing the conditions are on north shore... 
But today, WOW! 
We were diving on lake Caribbean. I mean flat calm seas, we're talking flatter than a mill pond. Viz through the roof! I mean divers thought they could see St Thomas underwater! 
Divers checked out an incredible myriad of marine life at salt river, and long reef. The highlights were the nurse sharks (sting rays with dorsal fins) and the always present Caribbean Reef Sharks (eatious continuous). Turtles, Rock beauties, Queen Trigger fish, banded coral shrimp and spotted drum also were present.

Captain's Log 04/25/17 By Captain John Gillette

Captains log, Reliance, 25 April.  Well the winds out of the Southeast really calmed down the conditions on Northshore today.  Two dives on Long Reef today, The sharks they were everywhere, Flat Top, a 3 ft Reef shark who's missing his dorsal fin, met the […]

Captain's Log 04/22/17 Northshore By Captain John Gillette

Captains log, Saturday 22 April, Reliance.  Its Earth day, so this mornings divers enjoyed two peaceful dives on the north shore checking out a small part of the other 70% of the earth. You know, the part covered by water.  Relatively calm seas and a […]

Captain's Log 04/22/17 West Shore By Captain Matt Weicker

West end 4/22/17 We went out this morning from Frederiksted to our first dive site at alien nation! The waters are calm over here and the diving was great. The divers saw sting rays, spotted drum, mooray eels, and all sorts of little critters. After […]

Captain's Log 04/20/17 By Captain John Gillette

Captains log 20 April, Reliance  After a couple days of big seas on north shore, Mother Nature turned down the wave knob today. While the conditions off of St Croix where a lot like the roads on St Croix, bumpy, surprisingly amazing visibility greeted the […]

Captain's Log 4/16/17 By Captain John Gillette

Captains log, Reliance 16 April  Easter Sunday Fun!  They say April showers bring May flowers, but here April showers fill our Cisterns!  The afternoon trip was less than stellar, rain showers, 15 knot winds and sporty seas made the transit to the dive sites interesting […]