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BLOG Our Captains Logs, published somewhat daily'ish.

Captains log, Reliance. 

So I typically comment about how amazing the conditions are on north shore... 
But today, WOW! 
We were diving on lake Caribbean. I mean flat calm seas, we're talking flatter than a mill pond. Viz through the roof! I mean divers thought they could see St Thomas underwater! 
Divers checked out an incredible myriad of marine life at salt river, and long reef. The highlights were the nurse sharks (sting rays with dorsal fins) and the always present Caribbean Reef Sharks (eatious continuous). Turtles, Rock beauties, Queen Trigger fish, banded coral shrimp and spotted drum also were present.

Captain's Log 062717 Northshore By Captain John Gillette

Headed out for an AM trip under overcast skies and sporty seas.  On the outer east wall, divers checked out a couple of sharks, a nice size barracuda, several yellow headed jawfish, Rainbow parrotfish, and an amazing view off the wall into the deep blue! On […]

Captain's Log 062417 (northshore) By Captain Et Baier

This morning on long reef it was all about the turtles, 'bout the turtles, 'bout the turtles (no lion fish) on the first dive at turquoise bay. Dive master Kristen showed our divers what she calls the "turtle airport" and it was a busy place […]


It was a pleasant day diving out West with the calm seas this morning. Our dive sites were the Shallow Wrecks of Butler Bay and Spratt Hall For the first dive site right away the divers spotted a Hawksbill turtle, the divers also saw numerous […]


Captains log Scuba Dos Great day for turtles out West! Saw turtles on every dive today. As captain I counted 13 turtles on the surface so no need to go diving. Morning dives at the Shallow wrecks of Butler bay and Little Mill. Afternoon dive at King […]


Captains log Scuba Dos. Beautiful sunny day out West. Morning dives at Swirling Reef of Death and the Fredricksted Pier. Afternoon dives at Aquarium and the Fredricksted Pier.  At swirling reef of death and aquarium divers saw turtles, eels, sting rays and plenty of fish […]