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BLOG Our Captains Logs, published somewhat daily'ish.

Captains log, Reliance. 

So I typically comment about how amazing the conditions are on north shore... 
But today, WOW! 
We were diving on lake Caribbean. I mean flat calm seas, we're talking flatter than a mill pond. Viz through the roof! I mean divers thought they could see St Thomas underwater! 
Divers checked out an incredible myriad of marine life at salt river, and long reef. The highlights were the nurse sharks (sting rays with dorsal fins) and the always present Caribbean Reef Sharks (eatious continuous). Turtles, Rock beauties, Queen Trigger fish, banded coral shrimp and spotted drum also were present.

Captain's Log 5/18/17 By Captain John Gillette

Captains log Thursday 18 May North shore, Reliance.  Headed out for the AM Dive with some sporty seas. Two dives on Long Reef today. The first dive on Turquoise Bay produced Turtles, Nurse Sharks, Puffer Fish, and the return of Flat Top!  The second dive, at […]

Captain's Log 5/14/17 By Captain Matt Weicker

Northshore 5/14/17-Happy mother's day to all you amazing mother's out there thank you for all you do! Today we had a great day diving with a morning and afternoon trip. The morning trip started out with a visit to Knobbs Knoll a great dive where […]

Captain's Log 5/13/17 By Captain Matt Weicker

Northshore morning trip 5/13/17- We had a great morning of diving today with more great conditions! Goos visibility and calm waters greeted our divers on the way out to our first dive at the west wall of salt river. Turtles, sharks, eels, spotted drum and […]

Captain's Log 5/12/17 By Captain Matt Weicker

Northshore 5/12/17-Amazing morning out on the water! Visibility was great and surface condition were awesome. It felt like we were diving lake St. Croix today! The first dive at cruzan cliffs was great. We saw a nurse shark before the divers even got in the […]

Captain's Log 5/6/17 By Captain John Gillette

Captains log, Saturday May 6th North shore .  Awesome dives on Rust Op Twist and Love Shack in the morning, divers checked out some amazing sea life including Eels, Grunts, Blennies, Barracuda, a condominium of Yellow headed Jawfish and of course turtles and sharks.  It was […]