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Captain's Log 4/2/17 By John Gillette

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 08 Apr, 2017

Captains Log: Sunday funday on Reliance

It's go around Sunday! North shore to west end.

Stopped off at Cane Bay for our first dive, a relatively clear sky and a calm sea gave divers excellent conditions to check out all the cool marine life including turtles, Sargent majors, fairy basslets, lots of puffers, and a southern stingray, all without having to deal with a long kick out from the shore or having to deal with sand which always seems to find its way everywhere. 

After a nice cruise past Davis bay, the tide pools and Hamms bluff and a bonus port to port passing with the QE 4, The new STX to STT Ferry, we moored at Armageddon, the old Fredericksted pier, destroyed by hurricane Hugo in 1989. Divers checked out schools of barracuda, queen angelfish, white spotted filefish, tiger grouper, Caribbean Reef sharks, and a free swimming green moray (longum greenun schquigglum) 
Gotta live Caribbean diving!

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