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OUR DIVE BOATS AND SCHEDULES Big boats but NOT big crowds

Our Dive Boats

We have two custom dive boats for you to choose from and we highly recommend diving from both of them to experience the diversity of the scuba diving found around St. Croix.  

While our boats are two of the largest ones on the island, we greatly limit the number of divers we take on each to ensure that all of our guests receive the personalized service for which we've become known.

Northshore st croix scuba dive boat Reliance

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North Shore Dive Boat Reliance (walls  and reefs)

  • 42' Delta custom dive boat
  • Takes up to 14 divers
  • Departs from the Christiansted Boardwalk just in front of the Caravelle Hotel
  • 8:30am two-tank wall and reef dive; 1:30pm two-tank reef dives
  • Less than 35 minutes to most of the north shore dive sitesSt Croix scuba dive boat Reliance at Caravelle Hotel


Westshore Dive Boat Scuba Dos (wrecks, reefs, and the Pier)

west shore St Croix scuba dive boat scuba dos

 Scuba Dos:

  • 31' Island Hopper dive boat
  • Takes up to 10 divers
  • Departs from the Frederiksted Pier
  • 10:00am and 2:00pm two-tank wreck and/or reef dives
  • Less than 15 minutes to most of the west shore dive sites

St Croix scuba dive boat Scuba Dos



St Croix Scuba fresh fruit served on both dive boats

Our famous pineapple served between dives on both boats.  Bottled water too!  

And after your dive, an ice cold Leatherback beer (if you so choose)

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  • Dive a Wall

    Dive a Wall

    Our entire northshore is a wall that drops over 13,000 feet and is vertical in places. An amazing sight.
  • Dive a Reef

    Dive a Reef

    The largest living reef of any Caribbean island surrounds St. Croix and it is in excellent shape.
  • Dive a Wreck

    Dive a Wreck

    Five shipwrecks within 100 yards of each other means you can dive two to three wrecks on the same dive.
  • Dive The Pier

    Dive The Pier

    A wonderful dive during the day and absolutely fantastic at night.  A perfect first time night dive.