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NO PASSPORT No Passport Required for U.S. Citizens to Travel to St. Croix


No Passport U.S.  Citizens do NOT need a passport to travel to St. Croix.  
You're a U.S. Citizen in a U.S. Territory after all.

You do still have to clear U.S. Immigration and Customs because we are a Port of Entry but you'll do it in our quick and easy Pre-Clearance Facility before boarding your plane home.  

No long Customs lines at International arrival airport.

Several More Reasons Why We're Happy to be Under the U.S. Flag

  • U.S. Coast Guard Inspected Dive Boats
  • U.S. Coast Guard Certificated Captains driving them (and remaining aboard at all times)
  • Same Electricty
  • Same Currency
  • Same Language

World Class Scuba Diving Under the U.S. Flag

World Class Scuba Diving under the U.S. Flag St croix virgin islands