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Captain's Log 5/5/17 By Captain John Gillette

Diving Capt-John COMMENTS 18 May, 2017

What a great way to end the work week, A morning 2 tank dive trip. 

Our first dive, off Judith's Fancy, our divers ran across the usual Queen Trigger fish, Smooth Nosed Trunkfish, Spotted Drum, Barracuda, and not one, but two Manta Rays! 

Then off to long reef where Carrie, one of our regular Guests from the States, reported seeing a dozen and a half turtles. We think this means 18 turtles, not 12 1/2 turtles.As well as Reef Sharks, White Spotted filefish, Trumpet fish and a School of Blue Tang. 

I guess we should consider Divemaster Kristen a Marine animal whisperer!

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