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Captain's Log 060917 By Captain John Gillette

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 23 Jun, 2017

Captains log, FRIDAY!! 
North shore. 

It's fabulous Friday here on the north shore! Relatively calm seas and fabulous visibility on the walls and reef greeted the divers on the AM trip. 
All kinds of aquatic life were spotted this morning. Including one of my favorites. 
Those ballerinas of the blue, the yellow-headed jawfish. Divers watched them perform their underwater dance on the East wall of Salt River.  
On long reef, divers checked out a couple of Reef sharks, a friendly hawksbill turtle, and even some small stuff such as a nudi (no not nudie), some cleaner shrimp, and even a lettuce leaf slug. 

It's gonna be a great weekend for Diving! Give us a call to get wet.

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