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Captain's Log 062817 By Captain John Gillette

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 30 Jun, 2017

Man, I tell you what! After a couple of days of sporty seas and tropical waves, it's great to be back out on the north shore under sunny skies! 
Afternoon two tank dive with divers discovering scuba and getting certified always makes for a good time! 
Divers checked out a large school of Cardinal fish, garden eels, razorfish, some tube and barrel sponges, as well as some amazing coral on the first dive. 
On the second dive along Long Reef, well to quote one of the divers "man there's all kinds of fish up in these waters!" Turtles, sharks, horse eyed jacks, juvenile damselfish, elk horn, and stag horn corals, Aero crabs, and banded coral shrimp were the highlights. 

One of our discover divers, Donavan,was so excited about checking out the underwater world, shaved his mustache so his mask wouldn't leak. We hope his wife didn't mind! 

Come on, let's get some bottom time!

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