Things to Do on St. Croix – When you’re not scuba diving

Obviously scuba diving, and the world class scuba diving on St. Croix is the reason you’re reading this, but did you know that there’s a LOT of things to do on St. Croix when you’re not diving or for your non-diving relatives/friends/companions (though why are you traveling with non divers?)

Our 28 mile long and 8 mile wide island is very diverse and ranges from an arid east end with cactus growing to a lush west end with a rain forest.  In the middle of the rain forest you’ll definitely want to visit the Mt. Pellier Domino Club (known locally as the “Jungle Bar” or “Norma’s” and see the famous “Beer Drinking Pigs”
Famous Beer Drinking Pigs of St Croix


Duty free shopping in both towns
The only casino in the Virgin Islands
Great tours:
     – St. Georges Village Botanical Gardens
     –Whim Plantation (restored Danish sugar plantation)
     – Cruzan Rum
     – Captain Morgan’s Rum (brand new visitor center just opened 
     – Historical tours by the U.S. National Park service of Fort Christian, Scale House,
        Steeple House and more.

St. Croix Beaches

Awesome white sand beaches all around the island
     – Including some with music/bars/restaurants
     – And some more very private ones (for that all over tan)
     – Every beach on the island is a public beach


All of the normal watersports that you would expect from a Caribbean island.

World class restaurants (which will be discussed in an upcoming blog)

The point being, there’s a tremendous amount of things to do along with enjoying our walls, reefs, wrecks, and the Pier!

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