Top 10 Signs You’re Not on One of SCUBA’s 2 Custom Dive Boats

This is NOT a custom SCUBA dive boat.

This is NOT a custom SCUBA dive boat.








10) A borrowed bottle of mask defogger is passed around and returned empty.

9) The guy in front of you enters with your octopus in his mouth.

8) The divemaster comes up to you and your buddy and says, “OK, this tank is for you two.”

7) A boatload of refugees stops by and offers to take some people in their boat.

6) You put one leg in your wetsuit and the other in your neighbor’s.

5) The Coast Guard tries to turn your boat back to the country of its origin.

4) They have the “Take a Number” machine and the “Now Serving” sign.

3) You get stopped by the U.S. Coast Guard, who asks if they can provide any food, water or medical assistance.

2) The dive operator offers a 10 percent discount to divers willing to hold onto the hang bar on the way out to the site.

1) You see a handwritten “0” added to the end of the number on the sign that indicates maximum


St Croix Scuba Dive Shop Boat Dives

These ARE our 2 custom dive boats.


Keep in mind our boats are both U.S. Coast Guard inspected and approved vessels with all the “bells and whistles” that they’ve deemed necessary for a safe boat ride.

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